Sunday, 29 December 2013

At home with watercolour

My scanner is up and running again, and I return with drawings:



lazy days.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Fountain pen with Ecoline liquid watercolour

I haven't dared fill my Lamy Safari with waterproof ink - I change tools so often, I am afraid it will dry out and become ruined. Instead I filled it with Ecoline ink/liquid watercolour in Burnt Siena. I tried it out in the Stillman and Birn sketchbook on a sofa-drawing:

Lamy pen and Ecoline ink

Now it is in my pocket sketchkit for the time being, together with a waterbrush I can use with it - the Ecoline remains water-soluble after it dries, so I can make washes by painting over the lines with water:

waiting for the bus

These are in my new little pocket Miquelrius from Barcelona - a sketch at the bus stop, and a couple more from one of the Aarhus cafes.

Coffee drinkers

Coffee drinkers

A young woman came up and asked to see my sketchbook at the cafe - she took a photo of the middle sketch with her phone. Maybe she will drop by the blog and see the scan here :)

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Summer in Barcelona

Earlier this month I took part in the 4th international Urban Sketchers' symposium, in Barcelona. You can read a bit about the visit, and see a few drawings of mine, over on the blog here: Post symposium sketching in Barcelona

Here are a few more sketches I did in my large watercolour moleskine - the first one of my co-instructor Marina Grechanik sketching in the Placa del Portal de la Pau.


This was my warm up sketch after the symposium was done - I couldn't concentrate on drawing during the symposium, what with giving a daily workshop, meeting so many people, and the general sensory overload of new city/heat/people on top.

Later that same day, at the last drink & draw meet-up at the CCCB, I did a quick portrait of fellow urban sketcher Shiem, who is one of the local Barcelona team. He speaks no English, and I speak no Spanish - but we all speak art, so that's all right.

urban sketcher portrait

Once I arrived back home again after this overwhelming trip, I settled in with a sofa-drawing - something simple and familiar to ground me.

Evening sketching last night

back home sofa drawing

It was a crazy summer, and a good one!

Monday, 20 May 2013

Pocket sketchbook

The pocket sketchbook is out again, together with my brushpen.


my little teapot

R had a run in with a tree, and I made him an eye-patch to protect the eye while it recovers - pirate style.

pirate patch

Pain is tiring, but was fortunately comparatively shortlived this time.


The pirate patch is already discarded again (sadly!), but the inky brushpen stays.