Friday, 8 August 2008

People I know




All from my little Moleskine Cahier notebook, which is light and fits easily into a bag or even a pocket. I'm becoming quite taken with the coloured inks, and enjoy the thin quality of the pages, which leaves them partially see-through.


  1. these are great, i'm always shy to ask people i know to let me draw them, one of these days i hope to really work on that, your sketcheds are inspiring!

  2. Thanks Gabi. I tend to bring out my sketchbook when there's a lull in the conversation, or just whenever I need a bit of time to withdraw for a short while. My friends don't always notice me drawing them until I'm done, but if they do most of them will gladly sit comparatively still while I finish. I like to draw friends talking to others, reading a book or on the phone - that way they can go on doing what they're at, while I get down to making a bit of art out of the situation. You should have a go - most people will feel rather gratified that someone wants to draw their likeness. :)