Tuesday, 23 September 2008

People I don't know

I enjoy sketching in cafés on the rare occasions where I find the time to have a cup of tea in one. Just like when I sketch on the bus, most people will not notice me drawing them, even if they're facing in my direction.

Stefano's in Stefansgade, Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

Two friends out with their babies, having a chat in Baresso, Frederiksgade, Århus.

Older sketch from this spring - mother and son having lunch on the sidewalk outside Baresso, Banegårdspladsen, Århus. This was drawn sitting inside the café, looking out through the window.


  1. I like the line quality you have in the drawing of the mothers out with their babies.

  2. I really like this sketch, sitting there at the end of the street, enjoying the scene. Great sketches.