Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Cold weather

The weather is so cold now, with below zero temperatures even during the day. This may turn out to be the last outdoor sketch of the year, at least if the weather continues to be this cold - it was done while waiting for my bus home after work, and shows the busstop by Klostertorv in Århus. Concentrating on my drawing helped distract me a little from the fact that I was freezing cold. Now is the time for café interiors and drawings of the world seen through a window, preferably done in the company of a nice strong cup of hot tea!

So here is a seasonal image of Maia knitting - she's advanced to socks this year and is busily feretting out all the best yarn shops in town. Woolen socks, a cup of tea, and a nice fire are what we need to carry us through the next two-three months.

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