Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Cold weather

The weather is so cold now, with below zero temperatures even during the day. This may turn out to be the last outdoor sketch of the year, at least if the weather continues to be this cold - it was done while waiting for my bus home after work, and shows the busstop by Klostertorv in Århus. Concentrating on my drawing helped distract me a little from the fact that I was freezing cold. Now is the time for café interiors and drawings of the world seen through a window, preferably done in the company of a nice strong cup of hot tea!

So here is a seasonal image of Maia knitting - she's advanced to socks this year and is busily feretting out all the best yarn shops in town. Woolen socks, a cup of tea, and a nice fire are what we need to carry us through the next two-three months.

Sunday, 16 November 2008


We spent the weekend in the South, attending a wedding and staying over with old friends. The weather was changeable in the extreme - fog, showers, sun... We caught a short break in the rain today, and managed about half an hours walk in wind and sun. It was much too chilly to draw outside, so I drew a stuffed owl instead - a young Night Owl our friend had found dead by the road. The owl was stuffed and mounted on a piece of deadwood, and it looked deceptively life-like. I kept expecting it to blink and turn its head.

Black and sanguine inks in my large sketchbook diary.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Bussing home from work

Commuter sketching on the way home from work. It's getting colder and more dreary now that it's November, and the bus is more crowded than in the summer where a larger number of people take the bike to work or school.

From my pocket sketchbook - a small Moleskine cahier notebook, which is now full from cover to cover. I both want and don't want to begin another cahier. I'd prefer to use something with a different quality of paper for my next pocket sketchbook, but it still has to be small and light enough to fit in my pocket, and I haven't yet come across any other notebooks of a useful size.

This sketch has also been blogged on Urban Sketchers - check out the international sketch-blog with contributing artists from towns and cities on four continents, if you haven't already.

Monday, 10 November 2008

My little pocket sketchbook

I filled up the first little pocket sketchbook. You can see a slideshow of the entire booklet here: Moleskine Cahier no.1

I like how handy these little sketchbooks are - at just 9 by 14 cm they fit easily into a small purse or a coat pocket, so it's simple to have one along everywhere in case an opportunity to sketch should present itself. I'm not too happy about the detachable pages though - the last half of the pages of the booklet has a perforation along the inner seam that makes it more difficult to use the entire spread when drawing. But they are still the most handy little sketchbooks I've come across on the market here, so unless I take up making my own I'll no doubt continue to use them.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Random images

I know that doing art is my certain way to a little peace and quiet, and yet sometimes when I am most in need I cannot find the patience to pick a subject or medium. This is the result of one of my mindless gropings for just anything to draw - the day's paper on the table in front of me. I probably wouldn't have thought of drawing the paper, if I had given it any thought at all - all that text!

This is drawn in my little Moleskine cahier, so quite small, using a mechanical pencil and with a few colour details added in ink pens.