Tuesday, 10 February 2009


A view through part of the house - from livingroom through hallway to kitchen.

Ink pen in pocket Moleskine cahier - it's somehow easier to pull myself together to start something in the cahier than the regular sketchbooks, so I should probably buy some of the larger ones to push myself a bit.


  1. Ya I was wonder that, why you keep switching between your sketchbook and cahier. I don't have the cahier but sketchbook seems rather too quick to fill up(Maybe cos I don't work these months). So maybe I should go get myself a cahier too? I still found it alittle hesitate to start a new spread in my sketchbook sometimes:P

  2. The cahiers are less intimidating to draw in (poorer paper quality usually does that), and also very easy to carry around because they are thin and lightweight :)