Thursday, 7 May 2009


Today I took a coffee laced sketch-break after work, and sketched the view from Café Baresso on the corner opposite the central railway station. The square is called Banegårdspladsen, as per the title of this entry.

coffee-stop sketch-kit

My café-sketch-stop today included a single soy latte (I'm still learning to drink coffee, and it's new enough to me that I still find these details significant), my large sketchbook diary, and a bunch of pens and pencils. Lining it all up on the table made the whole thing seem like an extra fine treat!

sketching inside banegårdspladsen
sketching the view

Today there was no interested neighbour at my table, just a couple of friends two seats away chatting together. I spent a good deal of time waiting for traffic to get out of the way of the view every time the lights turned red, which meant that I remembered to take photos of my work and the scene in between drawing.

sketchbook diary

My coffee disappeared bit by bit, and the pages filled up. I finished off with a bit of text, then caught my fortuitously 5-minutes-late bus home.

View from Café Baresso

Various coloured pencils, and a few touches of ink, in my large sketchbook diary. The book is starting to fill up nicely, and I am just past the middle spread. It will be fun to have the whole thing filled eventually - my second sketchbook diary, and this one with lots of colour.