Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Last night I did some rural sketching for a change. I went down to the end of the road and sketched the view out over the fields towards the old village. I'd only brought along a few pencils to indicate the colours, so most of the colour detail and variation was added later at home. And since I forgot to bring a camera along the colours are largely from memory.

This is what I ended up with last night:

evening landscape

The evening light is not really present, and the fantastic rainbow sky I'd seen to the East is much too pale here, but my wrist, elbow and shoulder were tired, and I decided I'd let it rest for the time being.

Looking at it today I still thought it needed that contrast and encroaching darkness, besides being generally dissatisfied with the whole thing. Somehow I can't manage working with that much colour, which is why I don't paint - I completely lose the overview of what's going on and the colours take control. The result is this kind of too flat, valueless image, swirling with wanton colours.

Going over the image again today I tried to keep a hold of what I was doing and get some depth and dusk into the image, but with only limited success. I tried to work both on the evening lighted landscape and the rainbow sky, which was clearly a mistake - now one doesn't know where to look. I also tried to blend and dampen the sky with a pale grey colour pencil, which turned out to have little pigment grains in the tip that made fine lines all over the sky. Oh well, it's only a drawing in a sketchbook after all, and I'm definitely no painter.

Rainbow sky drawing:

Rainbow Sky

If you can see, with your painterly eye, just where I go so horribly wrong with these, please leave me a comment!


  1. apart from finding the sky in the second drawing with too strong colors I don't seem to see anything wrong and I like them
    otherwise the trick is to work with only a few colors and make sure you use a bit of them a bit all over so that the whole image might blend but then they might be too atmospheric!!

  2. I think you need to limit the colors that you are working with. That way you will be able to focus on composition, values etc. as well.