Thursday, 14 May 2009


Last night, to counter the frustration of the colour pencil landscape of the day before, I went back to basics and did a simple sketch in ink pen, with only minimal colour added, also using ink pen.


I figured out, in a little more detail, what happens when I try to do something entirely in colour. I love colour. And what I like most about it is all the nuance and detailed variation each colour has, and the way it changes according to light, shade, adjacent colours, reflections, etc. So when I start on colour in my work my attention is immediately concentrated on all the variable aspects of the colour itself, leaving no attention for things like composition, texture and value. Of course this is only possible when I'm using a medium appropriate to reproducing a high level of detailed colour variation (such as colour pencils, aquarelle or acrylics), so when I draw in colour using ink pens I manage to avoid the obsessive attention.

I'm going back to ink.

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