Saturday, 6 June 2009

New sketch-kit

I went out and put together a small watercolour sketch-kit today.

Watercolour sketch-kit

It's a watercolour Moleskine that I've had for at least 6 months, but never gotten around to trying out yet, a compact pocket size watercolour box that packs 6 pans or 12 half-pans, a Letraset waterbrush, kneaded rubber and a short 2B pencil that fits inside the watercolour box.

Watercolour sketch-kit

I got 3 whole pans and 3 half-pans for the watercolour box. The half-pans are for experimenting with which colours I want besides Golden Ochre, Burnt Umber and Payne's Grey, which is what I got in full pans. My goal is to find the perfect combination of 6, to keep the colours in check.

garden sketching

I did a small trial tonight in my new pocket Moleskine sketchbook, drawing and colouring some of the Arctic poppies in the garden. The sketchbook paper is difficult to paint on, but I could experiment a bit with the brush, and it dispenses water just fine and is easy to work with. I put a pan of Russian Green and a half pan of Dark Madder I found in a studio drawer in the box as well.

opening pages

Next will be to try out the watercolour sketchbook.


  1. I just got a small watercoloring travel kit as well. I don't have the fancy water brush though... might go get one of those. Love your artistic style.

  2. You'll find that the purple sketchbook moleskines don't like watercolour at all - however they lurve pencils, coloured pencils and pen and ink

    If you want to use watercolour you need to get a watercolour moleskine. These come in a landscape format.

  3. @Winifred - I really like how handy the little box is, even fitting into a coat pocket! Thank you :)

    @Katherine Tyrrell - yes, I have a watercolour Moleskine for these, it's the large sketchbook in the top two images. I just wanted to do the first entry in my new pocket sketchbook using the equally new watercolours. Wil Freeborn does some remarkable watercolour work in the sketchbooks, so it's not impossible to get a good result; but I'm a watercolour beginner so will minimise the obstacles to mastering the paints for now ;)