Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Sketch from Monday afternoon

Back home

Taking time out with a sketch in the garden, trying to land properly after a monster 15 hour journey home. The rest of the family arrives Tuesday evening.

I wonder how many have been following my holiday on here, and whether I've scared off any of the people who come here just for the art.


  1. Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I have been reading your Blog for some time now. Your stories are always so interesting and your artwork is wonderful.

    I followed the events of your family holiday with a little touch of envy. You all had so much fun visiting friends and shopping for dinner ingredients!

    Your photos were wonderful to see because they portrayed the character of the place instead of being a quickly snapped photo just to insert into your Blog post.

    Thank you for sharng your holiday with us :)

    Bonny from the west coast of Canada

  2. Hi Bonny, thanks for commenting! It's good to hear from a reader, and nice to know how the text and photo part of the blog is received - the art tends to get more feedback via Flickr.

    I'm really glad to know that you enjoyed my photos - I was ill equipped for much of the trip, having only my cameraphone at hand, and feeling a little unsure whether the photos were really good enough to post. It's also good to hear from someone other than family or friends, who enjoyed the everyday stories from our trip.

    Thank you for reading and responding, and I hope you have a nice holiday yourself this summer! :)

  3. I like your style! Excellent blog, I'll be sure to come back :-)

    1. Hej Palle, tak for din kommentar. Give mig et praj hvis du er lokal (Aarhus) og vil med ud at tegne byen engang imellem. :)