Saturday, 1 August 2009

Garden watercolours

The summer weather is still unpredictable with showers and rain, and I only manage to snatch short walks and quick watercolour sketches in the garden.

Garden sketching


I paint a branch of the Filippa apple tree in our front garden - it looks like we'll have a large harvest again this year, although the apples seem rather small to me, and I don't remember whether they tend to get any larger by this time of year.

Garden sketching

Garden sketching

Garden sketching


My watercolour holiday journal is still less than half full. I forgot that I was planning to paint on only one side of each page, and suddenly have twice as many pages to fill - I should have done two entries a day instead of just one. Maybe I'll be lucky and we'll have a late summer this month, then I can fill up the remaining pages with images of indian summer in Århus.


  1. Lovely sketches, even if you say they were "quick".

    Having extra pages to fill seems like a bonus. You could perhaps fill them up with more sketches, or if you have ephemera collected from the trip like: ticket stubs, candy wrappers of the kind you can't buy in Arhus, parts of brochures (not really the whole pamphlet), magazine or newspaper clipings, a really nice postcard, a note written by a friend... you get the idea.

    Or how about a poem you wrote yourself or one you found that is appropriate to the place you visited?

    I love your journal sketches and now I'm looking forward to more sketches from around your home and city.

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Hi Bonny, thanks for your comment. :)

    I've gathered a few bits and pieces from my trip - tickets, cards, brochures, maps - but I'm not sure how I'd go about incorporating them in the journal at this stage, I've just been sticking them in the back pocket of the Moleskine sketchbook. Maybe I'll try for a collage sketchbook next time I go on holiday - it could be a nice challenge. Thanks for all your thoughtful suggestions!

    You too. :)