Sunday, 30 August 2009


I've been incapacitated by pain for the past week, and haven't drawn a line since last Monday. Tonight I finally managed a sketch in the watercolour journal - another scene from the livingroom, featuring the usual sofa that has already appeared in a number of entries in the book.

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Scans of each page on its own:

Washing - detail

Washing - detail

I tried to get some shots of the scene with my cameraphone, but the light is very poor, and the shots are murky and fuzzy. Still, it may give an impression of the setup:

Washing in watercolour
I paint with the sketchbook balancing on my knees.

Washing in watercolour

I've booked a second treatment at the acupuncturist for Tuesday - the last one was Thursday, and I have hopes that one or two more visits will see the bottom of this bout.


  1. Oh, I hope you feel better soon. I too, go for acupuncture sessions every once in a while, fo my neck and shoulders. I used to be terribly afraid of acupuncture because I don't do well with needles of any kind. Finally, I tried it and it's amazing how well it works.

    Great painting sketches, too. Feel better soon :))

  2. Definitely feeling much better already. I'm going to get a second session of acupuncture tomorrow, and I'm sure that will keep things moving along in the right direction. I've used acupuncture a lot for treating tension, cramps and pain, and it's both fastworking and free from any unwanted side effects - in short, I'm a fan!
    Thank you Bonny. :)