Saturday, 12 September 2009

Long sunny afternoon

I spent a long sunny afternoon at my sketching buddy Anette's place today. We sat in a sheltered corner of her garden, drinking tea and sketching - here is Anette's sketch of me working on my watercolour:

Anettes tegning af mig

Akvarel hos Anette watercolour sketchbook
I had a nice spot in the sun - the sun in my eyes made it a bit difficult to sketch, but at least it kept me nice and warm! I ended up borrowing a cap from Anette though - it's too difficult to wrestle with a panoramic watercolour when you're half blinded by a low autumn sun...

Hendes Verden

garden sketch

Hendes Verden
click here to view large

Details of each page:
Hendes Verden, detalje

Hendes Verden, detalje
Apart from the entry working as a whole, I think each page works quite well as a seperate image on its own as well. Somehow the panoramic format invites one to create compositions within the composition.

By the time I was done with my watercolour, the sun had moved quite a bit and our corner was becoming chilly, so we moved to another part of the garden where Anette's daughter and a friend joined us for some more sketching and tea:

sketching together art table
I did a quick pen and marker sketch in my large sketchbook journal.

Amanda tegner
The perfect way to spend a mild and sunny autumn afternoon.


  1. These pages are just magnificent. Soft and free, and transporting one to the outdoors. Wow

  2. Thank you for sharing your response to my art - it's always nice to hear how people react to the images. :)