Monday, 28 September 2009

New waterbrush

My daughter gave me a Pentel waterbrush and today I tried it out.

Kaffebar - sketchbreak

It's different from the Tria re-fillable marker I've been using as a waterbrush until now. The water runs more freely, it's a lot easier to squeeze water out of the brush, and the brush gives better control - finer lines, and just generally more precise brushwork.

click here to view large

I'll have to practise a bit with this brush to get used to the way it dispenses water though, as I've gotten used to the Tria and having to squeeze hard to get anything stronger than a slow trickle - my technique means I'm being inundated with this new brush!

detail left:
Kaffebar, detail

detail right:
Kaffebar, detail

You can see how the washes are thin and runny in this. It also took me much longer to do, but no doubt I'll become reasonably proficient with the new brush in a little while - if I practise.


  1. this is looking really good I had the same when I tried the water brush suddenly I had a lot more water running to the paper than I was used but it gave me a bit more of freedom, long time I hadn't visited your blog is looking great!

  2. Hi Isabel, thanks for looking by.
    I need to experiment a bit with the new brush as all my colours a getting watered down a bit much - I'm sure a little practise will go a long way towards getting a more satisfactory result. :)