Friday, 16 October 2009


M is moving back into her room, and the cat is camping out in her chair pretty much around the clock. I thought I wanted to do a sketch of the cat, then ended up drawing some of the moving mess.

flytterod med kat

Wonky chair and stuff, from not having much idea where I was going with this. I like the plastic bags.

Ink pens in large Moleskine sketchbook.


  1. have you noticed some problems in your uploads our it's my mistake?

  2. Hello JASG
    Which problems are you referring to? If you have trouble viewing my entries, please let me know.

  3. Hi,

    I can't see any of your images/draws in here and also when you post in Usk. I can only see what you write.

    And it's like that since August or September. I'm not for sure, but maybe you need to have less images available on you front page.

    Didn't you have other complaints?

    I only can´t see your draws. I'm a daily visitor of several blogs, as this, a long time ago, and I only have this problem in yours.

    Sorry if I'm boring you, but I used to visit you in here and, has I have said, since August or September, I've let seen your draws.


  4. Hi again

    I'm not sure why the images don't load for you - I know other people host their images shown on USk from Flickr too.

    I had one comment on USk a little while back from Tia, who couldn't see my images; but a little later the same day she could see them just fine, so I put that down to Flickr maybe being slow for a short period.

    I'll try asking around to see if this is something other viewers experience as well on my posts. You don't have any general trouble viewing images on Flickr from where you're based, do you?

    I'll look into it - and I'll reduce the number of posts showing on the front page here, to keep loading times down.