Thursday, 15 October 2009

Not enough sketching time

I've been having a hard time finding the time and peace of mind to sketch lately. Of course the irony is that my peace of mind is usually found in sketching, so the problem ends up being self-replicating! I did go to town purposefully for a sketch-stop at the usual watering hole yesterday after work, and managed to do a couple of quick ink-pen sketches, and some really poor watercolour scribbles in a new pocket watercolour sketchbook - I haven't scanned in the latter yet, but here are the ink sketches:



and a cameraphone shot of my table at the cafe:

I found it really hard to concentrate properly, and doing these was only partly satisfying. After getting back home and having a good rant I sat down to a more peaceful sketch of my knitting in the ebony bowl:

strik selv

This one was more satisfying and only has minor elements of broken concentration. Unfortunately my right arm and shoulder is not very happy with me and my sketching exploits at the moment, and I've foregone doing any today. More acupuncture awaits next week - hopefully it will not be too long before I can do art with impunity again!

Bonus silly shot:
knitting times three
my knitting three times over ;)