Friday, 30 January 2009


My youngest daughter has been home sick with a severe cold for the past couple of days. Today I had the dubious pleasure of joining her, with my own cold to nurse. Between trips to the kitchen for fresh chamomile tea, and re-stocking paper tissues for both of us, I managed to get a bit of drawing in while she was resting.

This was done in ink pen in my large Moleskine sketchbook - actually my second sketchbook diary, which I began about half a year ago, and which I've been neglecting repeatedly. I will make an effort to get back to drawing daily in this.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Århus sketching - Århus skitser

As I think I've mentioned, I am the local contributor to the international art-blog Urban Sketchers, where I post my urban sketches, mostly from Århus, featuring café scenes, bus passengers, streets, etc.

Since it's winter now and both cold and dark most of the time, I've been doing less urban sketching. However, I'm discovering that the cold climate, coupled with a need to sketch, is providing me with a very handy excuse for touring the Århus cafés, so I'm starting a little series.

I posted some café sketches in September and October, most of them from various Baresso cafés around town.

In November I tried out the Café Grene, on the first floor of Søstrene Grene's Handelskompagnie in the main pedestrian street. I got there about half an hour before the place filled up, and had a corner by the window for myself. The café has rather dim lighting, so a window seat was a good aid to sketching.

Café Grene

I enjoyed a nice hot elderflower cordial - a winter specialty of the cafés - and had time to do a quick sketch of the interior before the place filled up, as well as one of a couple at another table. That is to say - they got up to leave very soon after I started sketching, so I only managed to catch the daughter on paper - the mother had vacated her chair before I got to her, and all that remains of her in the sketch is the ghost of her arm.

Café Grene

The café lamps are quite decorative and make for good sketching material, but they're seriously lacking in the lighting department!

My latest café discovery is Café Stiften on the corner by the central railway station. This café gets top points for situation, service and interior.

Café SketchingCafé Sketching

I spent a good half hour there while waiting for my bus on Tuesday, and made this sketch:

Café Stiften

Colour was added later at home, to leave me time to enjoy my hot chocolate.

They make a delicious soy based hot chocolate to order, and there are lots of regulars hanging out for long periods of time, which makes for good sketching. No doubt I'll go there to draw again in the future.