Friday, 30 October 2009

Coffee bar

view large

detail left:
kaffebar, detail left

detail right:
kaffebar, detail right

Still having trouble with the waterflow on my new brush. Also singularly uninspired today. I had to force myself to do something, anything!, at the café - since I went to town purposefully to sketch there was no excuse. As soon as this entry was tolerably complete I went shoe-shopping with my daughter instead - at least she had no trouble finding what she wanted. ;)

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Bus home

Finally got around to doing a bit of commuter sketching today - just a fragment in my pocket sketchbook.

bus home

Passengers kept getting on and off, constantly changing my subject.

I need to make new MOO mini cards - the ones I had made last are almost all gone. I give out quite a few, and also leave them at cafés after spending my sketchbreak there. I wonder how many people have actually looked in on Urban Sketchers or my Artlog after picking up my card at a café - it would be interesting to know.

Once I get the new designs made, I'll take some photos and do a little post here about them. Is anybody else using these cards? How do you use yours?

Friday, 16 October 2009


M is moving back into her room, and the cat is camping out in her chair pretty much around the clock. I thought I wanted to do a sketch of the cat, then ended up drawing some of the moving mess.

flytterod med kat

Wonky chair and stuff, from not having much idea where I was going with this. I like the plastic bags.

Ink pens in large Moleskine sketchbook.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Not enough sketching time

I've been having a hard time finding the time and peace of mind to sketch lately. Of course the irony is that my peace of mind is usually found in sketching, so the problem ends up being self-replicating! I did go to town purposefully for a sketch-stop at the usual watering hole yesterday after work, and managed to do a couple of quick ink-pen sketches, and some really poor watercolour scribbles in a new pocket watercolour sketchbook - I haven't scanned in the latter yet, but here are the ink sketches:



and a cameraphone shot of my table at the cafe:

I found it really hard to concentrate properly, and doing these was only partly satisfying. After getting back home and having a good rant I sat down to a more peaceful sketch of my knitting in the ebony bowl:

strik selv

This one was more satisfying and only has minor elements of broken concentration. Unfortunately my right arm and shoulder is not very happy with me and my sketching exploits at the moment, and I've foregone doing any today. More acupuncture awaits next week - hopefully it will not be too long before I can do art with impunity again!

Bonus silly shot:
knitting times three
my knitting three times over ;)

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Simply Tea

Last year I read a short article about a new tea salon on Åboulevarden in Århus. Tea salons are not very common in Denmark - this is a coffee drinking nation, and it is only in recent years that it has become possible to get properly brewed tea at the better cafés. Well, since both a colleague and M have visited the place in the past week, I thought it was time for me to try it out.

sketchbreak at café Simply Tea

They have a regular tea-card, a nice selection of sandwiches, scones and the like, as well as the option of ordering a full afternoon tea for 2. I had a small pot of Yunnan Golden Tips - the pot was beautiful and the tea was good, although I would have liked a slightly larger volume.

simply tea
view large

detail left:
simply tea, detail left

detail right:
simply tea, detail right

The place is tiny, seating maybe 14 people in all, and I seemed to have hit a dull spot - a table of 3 left as my tea arrived leaving only 2 other customers in the café with me, and only as I was leaving an hour later a larger group of people arrived. I'll definitely go back for a second visit, but next time I'll bring some company along.

I used my new waterbrush again, and this time had a little more control avoiding the flooding. Also tried out the Raw Sienna S gave me, which was perfect for the café logo, and the Cerulean for mixing a more spring like green.