Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Café relaxation

R and I spent the afternoon at the Cross Café in town, relaxing over a plate of nachos and glass of beer/wine, reading the paper and sketching.

sketching nachos

It was really nice to be off on our own, not cooking or cleaning or shopping or arranging anything for a change, just hanging out together over a glass and a sketchbook. The café was pretty full, with lots of people in town to exchange gifts and have a look at the (super early) January sale.

urban sketch postcard     urban sketch postcard
(click on images to view larger)

I picked up a couple of free GO-CARD postcards, which a lot of the cafés in Denmark have available in stands, and filled the back with a sketch - just a quick greeting for a couple of internet friends.

watercolour sketching

I also had time for a watercolour in my much neglected journal from this summer. There's already a sketch of the same café seen from outside in the journal - I did a quick watercolour during a lunch break in August. It was nice working in the journal again, and I found it easier to control the flow of the new waterbrush this time around.

cross café interior

Detail left and detail right.

We're going to be celebrating New Years Eve and the house of some friends, so lots of socialising and less preparations which is nice after a peaceful but somewhat labour intensive Yule.

Friday, 25 December 2009



A lazy day of thaw. Yule biscuits, films and leftovers from last nights culinary orgy. I managed to snatch some drawing time while the rest of the family watched films and played board games - this took quite some time to do.

Pens, markers and coloured pencils in pocket sketchbook.

Merry Yule

glædelig jul

Thursday, 10 December 2009


I finally managed to catch M's puppy napping tonight.

Maia's puppy

Ginger is a 3½ months old Cairn Terrier pup. She's been living with us for two weeks, and we're slowly finding a rythm together.

0.3 mm Micron ink pen in pocket sketchbook.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Student concert sketches

Here are the pages I filled with quick sketches of students playing last night at Århus Musikskole (Aarhus Music School) - all the sketches were made with a fine tipped dark brown Pitt pen in a small pocket sketchbook. The name of the student, and when I managed to catch it also the composer and/or piece of music played, is noted next to each sketch.

student koncert

student koncert

student koncert

student koncert

student koncert

student koncert

student koncert

Unfortunately the room was so full of spectators it was impossible to get a seat with a clear view - the people in front of me obscured the view of the piano and the hands, and my angle wasn't the best either. I'll just have to settle for having had the oportunity to thoroughly practise doing profiles!

Monday, 7 December 2009

Concert sketching

Really nice student concert at Århus Musikskole tonight. I did 7 spreads in my little pocket cahier - will post tomorrow, but right now I am too knackered. Soraya did great with Mozart's Phantasie in D-minor. My cameraphone refused to cooperate (it's been randomly shutting itself off lately), so I only have the sketches to show - tomorrow.

Link to set of concert sketches on Flickr

Sunday, 6 December 2009

December visits

We visited some friends today for glögg, roast chestnuts and Yule biscuits. I managed to sneak a doodle in the pocket sketchbook while talking and enjoying the treats.

december 6th

Micron ink pens and a little coloured pencil was used.

December has not let me do much sketching so far - between work, housekeeping and all the events and arrangements going on in this month, I'm hard pressed to find the time for rest or art. Tomorrow evening I'm attending a student concert that Soraya is performing at, and will try to remember my sketchbook and grab a good seat.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

December first

første december

Happy December 1st! The Yule month has begun and it's time for candles, biscuits and mulled wine, TV Yule-calendar series, frosty mornings, warm woolen gloves and lots of other delightful things.

This spread is from my current large sketchbook journal, but the drawings were done last Yule. I don't think I ever got around to posting the spread, and today seems the perfect oportunity.

Ink pens, mechanical pencil and coloured pencils were used.