Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Hotel sketches

In between walking around London in the frigid weather, I holed up at the hotel to thaw out my feet - the lovely new boots turned out most disappointingly to leak.

A discarded sausage from my English breakfast - watercolours and pencil:
view large

Our room, view from the bed - brush pens:
hotel room
view large

The hotel morning room, with part of the breakfast buffet - brush pens:
morning room
view large

The windows overlooked Hyde Park, which was sadly frozen through and through. I took a short walk through Kensington Gardens past the memorial playground and down to The Serpentine one day, then curved back around and took refuge from the cold in the Underground - my ears were threatening to break off in the icy wind.

the serpentine

Some people were feeding the huge swans, and there were lots of gulls, pidgeons, crows, starlings and several types of beautifully marked geese crowding around as well.