Saturday, 2 January 2010

Moleskine portrait exchange

As I've mentioned before I'm taking part in an international sketchbook exchange, where sketchbooks travel around the globe and everyone in the exchange adds art - a portrait of the owner and a self-portrait. I just completed my entry in the book of Lidia from Brazil.

Some in progress shots:
work in progresswork in progress

work in progress

and a scan of the result:
view large

This is how the whole book looks opened up - it's an accordion moleskine:
lidia's book

I used ink brush pens, fineliners, watercolour and gouache. You can read more about the exchange, and see entries in other books on the group blog Moly_x Portrait 4


  1. This is so Cool! Wonderful idea! It's so beautiful.

  2. Thanks Kris - the exchanges are good fun, and the ones that have succeeded resulted in really beautiful art books. You should check out the Flickr pool of exchange books where there are lots of images from books, and also more info on the project: pool.