Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Around London

I spent part of my trip in London, where I walked about the freezing city in my leaky boots, and thanked my lucky stars for the Tube!


One afternoon was spent looking for pens, and since I wanted a specific pen, in specific colours, it ended up being quite a quest. I was directed to a Cass Art shop, then shuttled from branch to branch until one of the shop assistants took pity on me and directed me to the London Graphic Centre - you can see a small map of my quest on the right here:
questing for pens
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Most of my trips on the Underground were quite short, but I had to bring home a sketch done there, and finally managed to scratch these down between several lines going back from Knightsbridge:
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Here are a sketch and a sticker-collage from picking up train tickets for my trip inland, and browsing the local bookshop:
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snowy london

Despite the cold (and the leaky boots!) I did manage one outdoor sketch while in London. I had half a plan to sketch the protesters opposite Houses of Parliament, but there were only abandoned looking tents when I arrived in the freezing cold. Instead I did a sketch of the statue of Richard I, then scrambled for a café to restore a bit of feeling to my hands and feet! I think you can sense from the way this turned out just how cold I was:
coeur de lion
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More sketches later.

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