Thursday, 18 February 2010


I haven't been doing much sketching since I got back from my trip to England, but yesterday I'd made a sketching-date with a friend, a great way to ensure some quality sketch-time. We met up at her house for tea and talk, then brought out the sketching materials.

watercolour sketching

tegnedate hos anette
view large
large detail view of left page and large detail view of right

After a nice dinner of oven baked roots and salmon we continued sketching, and I took advantage of her two cats being around.

Pomfrit ved madskålen

Smilla i sofaen

cat sketchsketching anette

Anette tegner

Unfortunately I didn't get any good shots of Anette's sketches, but perhaps she will share them herself later. All in all a very enjoyable and productive evening.

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