Thursday, 4 February 2010

Train rides

It's always interesting to see what public transport is like in other countries. I'd heard that trains in England were quite expensive, and I've also heard quite a few complaints about the standard of the trains and the service. Since I planned on visiting family around Bath, I'd bought cheap(er) tickets online from home. This meant that the tickets were both non-refundable and impossible to change, which is lousy service in my view, but not unusual for tickets bought online. It also meant that the unusual winter weather was in danger of rendering my tickets void, but luckily everything worked out okay in the end.

I took a First Great Western train from Paddington to Bath:
first great western
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Sketching on the train:
train sketching

On the return journey my train was cancelled, so I ended up spending quite some time at the small café at Chippenham station - it was much too cold to wait on the platform!
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Luckily my non-refundable ticket was good for the next train, since mine had been cancelled, but of course the next one was delayed, and completely stuffed with all the extra passengers from the cancelled departure. After a couple of stops I finally managed to grab a seat, and do a bit of sketching:
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I admit to preferring the London-Bath train, which was like the Danish InterCity trains with the seats grouped in fours around tables, rather than just crowded in behind each other like on economy flights.


  1. I like them all, excellent entries. In particular I like the small café at Chippenham station sketch! Great works!

  2. Thanks Matty, glad you enjoyed my travel sketchbook. Thank you for leaving me a comment.