Thursday, 11 March 2010


Sleeping dog - M's Cairn terrier pup Ginger sleeping on the Persian rug. My scanner does wierd things to the colours sometimes, and this was one of them - the original is much more neutral and less intense in that department. fixed! - someone had changed the exposure setting from "photo" to "document". Well, now it looks too drab instead of all pumped up in the colour department. It's hard to get it just right!


I have an old love of drawing patterns.

Ink pens and brushpen markers in my sketchbook journal.


  1. I LOVE this drawing and I could instantly recognize it as a Cairn. My childhood dog was a Cairn name Ruggles. He died some time ago but I still miss him. This is a drawing I did of him many years ago.

  2. Oh, yes - the curly back hair shows in your sketch. She's all over curls when she comes out of the bath, and I'm very impressed by her lion-mane sideburns! :)