Sunday, 13 June 2010


So much garden work this weekend. Today I trimmed the driveway, amongst other things, and afterwards I really needed to sit down for a bit, so I sketched the result.



trimmed greens

garden sketchbreak

Now we can get the car out without scraping through foliage, and the vegetable patch on the other side gets much more light. Next up: weeding.


  1. Nice way to celebrate a job well done!

  2. Lovely drawing - aren't brush markers just the best for the impression of foliage? Also looks like a lovely garden and view outside, with really mature shrubs and trees - beautiful!

  3. @sketchalina - it was! Most satisfying :)

    @Ruth - I confess to finding nature-sketching rather overwhelming, and am still most comfortable doing "portraits" (of single flowers, shrubs or trees). I think I tried to fit too much into this one, or should have used a larger format - it was quite difficult to differentiate enough, and the hues ended up rather dominant all over. But it was good fun to draw it!
    Yes, our garden is practically overgrown in many places, and full of large trees, hedges and bushes - birds and hedgehogs love it. I think most of the gardens in this neighbourhood were planted in the sixties, and every second one has a huge birch tree in it - ours used to have three, but we cut down two of them to let a little light in :)

  4. I agree about nature sketching - mine is always just individual plant sketching x 3 or 4... I find it hard to see the whole picture in all that plenitude, but I thought it really good the way you separated those greys of the drive and road outside into three separate tones, and in that way structured the drawing, and around this the green stuff falls into place. It's always hard to know what to leave out! The yellows also add a good note.

    How lucky to have an abundant garden with wildlife in it! Our house is new, and I started the garden (my first!) two years ago, with only a few inherited trees, and a lovely field behind it, so trees on the skyline. Cutting trees down is hard to do, isn't it - but I know people have to because of the light. On a nature programme here in England the other night, they said that hedgehogs like it best to work a patch of about twelve gardens (!), so we should leave space at the bottom of our fences for them to get through! The planners in your neighbourhood obviously thought of that!! :)