Monday, 21 June 2010

Growing chickens

We're having a go at keeping hens. Unfortunately three of them are growing into cockerels. I hope for better luck with the next batch - the idea was to get eggs for my kitchen.

growing chickens

Pencils and markers in pocket sketchbook.


  1. That's funny, Ea - getting three cockerels! Do you have to keep the chickens well cooped at night? Here, there are foxes... but we have a moorehen couple living in the stream at the end of the garden, and they had three chicks this year, it's been too sweet watching their development... but they escape too quickly to draw... or even photograph!

  2. We have a henhouse where they sleep, and I close them in for the night. I've very seldom seen foxes anywhere near here, but I've seen a weasel in our garden once (it seemed to be considering moving in on our loft, but gave it up after a few nights, much to our relief - so much noise!). We do have quite a few large birds of prey around though, but so far I haven't seen any of them actually in our trees.