Sunday, 20 June 2010

Lack of concentration

This is what happens when you pair up a lack of concentration with unfamiliar materials:
mislykket akvarel

and a scan:
random and unfocused

Watercolours with waterbrush in large moleskine sketchbook (touch of pencil over the top)

And this is what happens if you do it once again, only this time with more familiar materials:
and once more in ink

Pens and brushtipped markers in the same sketchbook.

Sketching without concentration never yields a good result, but when doing it with unfamiliar materials the end product is nigh on embarassing.

Both of these were done in the failing evening light - the second one scribbled down in all haste before the colours faded from sight. I shall count my mosquito bites tomorrow.


  1. :) I can appreciate what you're saying... I'm also more comfortable with brush markers than with watercolour - it's a sometimes underrated and very hard medium - unless one is using it unconventionally to draw with. I think the right side - the big shrub (roses?) against the wall is ok... but the last drawing is great! Nice and free. Good luck with those mozzie bites!

  2. Thanks Ruth, I've really enjoyed figuring out how to use the markers for drawing.
    The subject itself of these drawings seems rather lacking in life to me - perhaps it could do with a dog in there somewhere! :)