Thursday, 17 June 2010

Student concert

Last night I went to a koncert with the students of my daughter's piano teacher at Musikskolen in town.

koncert med gittes elever

It's becoming a tradition that I sketch all the students who perform during the evening. Some of the beginners only play very short pieces of music, so I have to be very fast to catch a bit of them before they get up and leave the piano! It's good fun and great practice.

The sketches were done with a pen in a large Moleskine cahier - the thinner paper lets the sketches on previous and following pages show through in the scan. Sketches at earlier concerts were made in the smaller pocket cahiers. You can see all my sketches from the concert (and previous concerts) in this album: Concert Sketches


  1. Beautiful sketch. I can hear her playing, you caught her actions.

  2. Ea, I love these - I already particularly enjoyed the earlier concert series - they are masterly and show how fantastically well you draw. And actually, I quite like the way you see through the thin pages, gives one a sense of momentum, things before and things after...