Friday, 2 July 2010


I had another go at using watercolour in the Moleskine sketchbook. This time I made sure I had a scene I wanted to draw, and paid attention to how and where I used the paint.

The guy sitting in front of me eventually realised I was sketching the scene - it's difficult to be discreet when battling a playful breeze and displaying the full watercolour kit:
suppestegogis sketchbreak

suppestegogis sketchbreak

I am quite pleased with this - the composition worked out really well with the layered poles/trunks and the groups of people, and I succeeded in controlling the use of colour.

This was done outside the café suppestegogis ("soup, roast and icecream", or souproastandicecream - the bare bones Danish dinnerparty menu out in the country for the past three generations or so). The café is on Åboulevarden, beside the canal, and has a good selection of sorbets and icecream. I spent a nice half hour under the parasol outside, having a peach-mango sorbet and a watercolour and cooling down in the breeze. Århus is hot and humid at the moment, and I'm enjoying the Mediterranean heat we're having for once.


  1. Lovely drawing Ea... and I love seeing the guy with the mobile phone registering you in the photo and smiling - funny. I always find it very awkward when people know I am sketching them, and often give up...

  2. Thanks Ruth. I don't really mind when people notice me sketching them, unless it makes them uncomfortable - I just want them to go on doing whatever they were at, so I can get on with my drawing! ;)