Monday, 6 September 2010

Urban Sketchers sketchbook

I got one of the customised large accordion sketchbooks from the Urban Sketchers organisation. The group logo is on the cover, and there is an insert with a listing of the correspondents and their positions on a world map. The sketchbook was produced for the Portland Symposium this summer - read more about the symposium, the presenters and the participants here: 1st International Urban Sketching Symposium.

urban sketchers moleskineurban sketchers moleskine

I was not able to take part in the Portland Symposium myself, but hope to make the symposium in Lisbon next summer.

My sketching is still at a minimum, but here are a few things I managed to do in my pocket sketchbook since the last post:



Both of these household members took off for Copenhagen today, so I will not be sketching them again for a while.


  1. I miss your sketches. I hope you come back soon!

  2. Ea, I absolutely love your work. All of it, sketches photos and cooking. Your chronicals of life are an inspiration!!
    Ken Lund SLC Utah USA