Sunday, 7 November 2010


Sketching at Cafe Stiften by the central station today. I've had my eye on their new lamps for a while, and took the oportunity to sketch while we waited for our daughter's train to come in.


The cafe was filled up with the late afternoon crowd - we found a table for two with a good view of the room, and spent 45 minutes enjoying our drinks and the good mood.

cafe lamps

Don't you just love those lamps? They are whole little sculptures of tranparency and reflection. Drawn using a 0.1 mm ink pen and various pencils in larger Moleskine sketchbook.


  1. Oo, Ea - amazing lights, and amazing to have been able to capture them - well done!

  2. @ Ruth - I can see those lamps from my office window, and I've been itching to have a go at drawing them! :)

    @ Myra - aren't they cool? Perhaps a bit too demanding of their surroundings for them to fit in my home, but just perfect here.