Sunday, 14 November 2010


Projects at work and projects at home have been eating up all of my time lately, and although I am actually managing to sketch and cook regularly, I am having trouble finding the time to blog about any of it.

årets første pebernødder

This photo of the first pebernødder of the year has been sitting on my computer for over a week now, along with a series of process shots just waiting to go up on the recipelog.

Too much unfinished business around the place tends to set a hectic undertone to my days, and the need to slow down and catch up with myself increases. Here are a few images from my last cafe-break:


cafe people

These time-outs are a perfect oportunity to slow down, and reconnect with the world around me through the simple act of observing and tracing lines on paper. Black and sanguine fine tip ink pens in my (almost full) pocket sketchbook.


  1. just wonderful! love to see your posts whenever you post!!

  2. I really love your blog and artwork. You're so talented. :)