Saturday, 4 December 2010

New hat

I finally got around to buying myself a warm winter hat. This one had a pretty streak of blue that matched my fulled scarf/shawl, and a little humour is always good in a hat - how do you like the bobbles at the ears?

new hat

0.2 mm Pigma Micron ink-pen, generic graphite pencil and ditto red, brown and blue colour pencils in large sketchbook.


  1. The earflaps look warm and the hat very cosy, the scarf is beautiful, and the drawing delicate and precise - lovely

  2. It is very warm and cosy, and also gives me crazy hair from lots of static electricity! The scarf I'm quite proud of - lovely wool, crocheted and fulled by myself, keeping me warm and snug in the cold cold winter weather. I gather the UK is getting a lot of serious winter as well - stay warm!