Sunday, 31 January 2010

Out and about

Let me share some sketches from places I went while in England. Despite the severe disruptions of traffic due to snowfall, I did manage to visit family in-country.

The Roman Baths in Bath, where I went for a short walk around the ruins to while away the time until I would be picked up at the station. The ruins of the baths and places of worship are mostly indoors, but with access to the large central bath whereto the volcanic waters from the spring have been chanelled since Roman times:
the roman baths
view large

The baths looked eerily beautiful with the steaming water:
sketching at the roman baths

A simple view of the small station, Bath Spa, as seen from the tea house across the street:
bath spa
view large

And an interior from the super cute tea house:
tea time
view large
I'd run off in the snow without most of my sketching materials, so had trouble catching the mood of this place since it wasn't suited to thick brush pens.

My mother's cousin is a tapestry weaver, and I got to visit her studio/workshop at her home in Melksham:
kirsten's studio
view large
You can see more about her work at her website: Kirsten Glasbrook.

I also had the good luck to spend a night at my cousin's home in the woods outside Bath, where I did a sketch of her wonderful kitchen:
anna's kitchen
view large
I love this kitchen :)

More sketches later, from London and getting about.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Food and drink

Uden mad og drikke duer helten ikke, as we say in Danish - without food and drink the hero doesn't work. And so, this heroic England-faring sketcher did seek out suitable places to eat and drink, and gain strength for more sketching :)

The Churchill Arms - a pub in Kensington. The walls of this place were plastered with photos, paintings, newspaper cuttings, a bronze bust of Churchill, and other stuff from the war; there were plants and running water along into the back rooms, and the ceiling was completely hidden by stuff hanging from it - copper buckets, old backpacks, hurricane lamps - an unimaginable jumble of stuff! An old lady from the neighbourhood was there with her grandson - it was her 99th birthday and he'd taken her out to eat at the pub. All the regulars knew her and stopped by to wish "Nana" happy birthday.
the churchill arms
view large

A Starbucks café on Holland Park Avenue - I went there to get a little warmth and a break from walking around. Starbucks was the only place I could find where they served soy-based cappuccino and latte.
view large

One night we went out for curry at the Malabar in Uxbridge Street - they served proper decent Indian food, the service was good, and the interior just to my minimalistic taste.
view large

I also have a couple of sketches featuring places I had a cup of tea while in-country, and I'll post those later. Since it was so cold while I was in England, I did quite a lot of thawing up in cafés when walking about or waiting for transport.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Hotel sketches

In between walking around London in the frigid weather, I holed up at the hotel to thaw out my feet - the lovely new boots turned out most disappointingly to leak.

A discarded sausage from my English breakfast - watercolours and pencil:
view large

Our room, view from the bed - brush pens:
hotel room
view large

The hotel morning room, with part of the breakfast buffet - brush pens:
morning room
view large

The windows overlooked Hyde Park, which was sadly frozen through and through. I took a short walk through Kensington Gardens past the memorial playground and down to The Serpentine one day, then curved back around and took refuge from the cold in the Underground - my ears were threatening to break off in the icy wind.

the serpentine

Some people were feeding the huge swans, and there were lots of gulls, pidgeons, crows, starlings and several types of beautifully marked geese crowding around as well.

Friday, 22 January 2010


On the trip from Århus to London via Copenhagen I sketched during flight.

tirstrup - copenhagen
view large

I used various pens and a little red coloured pencil for this. My blue brush pen turned out to be dying, which led me on a quest around London the next day, searching for a replacement. Dying pens are interesting to draw with - the unreliable colouring adds new possibilities to the result.

view large

In the next one I just used a light grey brush pen. The uneven parts of the flight are mirrored in uneven patches of the drawing. I put in my baggage claim slip, and stuck the boarding card in as well - that's what you see disappearing out of the image on the right, as I folded it out for the scan.

I haven't done much travel sketchbook journaling, and don't have any plan with what I do in these. The bits of text and the things I sketch are coincidental to whenever I find an available slip of time for journaling. A personal account of the travels would demand more text, and a sketchbook record would demand more sketches with thought put into the selection of scenes, and both would take a lot more effort than this random snapshot journaling. Still, I like my random documentation - it makes for a nice memoir from the trip.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

England sketchbook

I got back from England late Saturday, with a more than half full sketchbook - a very satisfactory feeling to have so many pages to browse through.

view large

I'll post the pages little by little on here. At the moment I'm quite busy on a daily basis, so it'll take me some time to get through the entire sketchbook. And since I'm due to go to Copenhagen later this week, there may be more imminent sketching to share.

First image from my England book - a brush pen sketch from the flightbus taking me to Tirstrup airport:

view large

flightbus sketching

I pasted elements into some of the sketches, and drew them in on other pages. There are a lot of brush pen sketches in this book, but also images drawn with various media all at once, and even a watercolour spread somewhere in there :)

Friday, 8 January 2010

Trip to England

I'm going to England for a one week trip, mainly staying in London. I hope to get a lot of sketching done, and got myself a new sketchbook for the trip. The paper should be okay for various media, and I plan on keeping up my bold brush pen sketches as well as using my watercolour kit. Pencil may even come into play...

london trip sketchkit

I really need to find a small penknife for the set, for sharpening my pencils - I don't like using a pencil sharpener.

If you want to know what's in this sketchkit at present, you can find a picture on Flickr with notes - HERE

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Brush pen

I'm very pleased with my brush pen right now - glad I picked it up last week, it has been too long since I used it.

casino royal

R watching Casino Royale on the TV. Pitt brush pen in pocket sketchbook.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Moleskine portrait exchange

As I've mentioned before I'm taking part in an international sketchbook exchange, where sketchbooks travel around the globe and everyone in the exchange adds art - a portrait of the owner and a self-portrait. I just completed my entry in the book of Lidia from Brazil.

Some in progress shots:
work in progresswork in progress

work in progress

and a scan of the result:
view large

This is how the whole book looks opened up - it's an accordion moleskine:
lidia's book

I used ink brush pens, fineliners, watercolour and gouache. You can read more about the exchange, and see entries in other books on the group blog Moly_x Portrait 4

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles...

new year

and even on New Years Eve there are dishes to be done...

new year

Brush pen sketches in my pocket sketchbook to usher in the new year.