Saturday, 28 August 2010

Motor (dys)function

My fine motor skills are impaired at the moment, and all lines going wonky and wobbly as a result. Doing anything more complicated and time consuming than a simple sketch is impossible. I am waiting impatiently for things to clear up so I can get my watercolours going.

Lunch at Ziggy's Café yesterday - the festival week is off to a good start with sunny and reasonably dry weather:
lunch at ziggy's

café lunch

baresso sketchbreakbaresso sketchbreak

afternoon at the café

girl with a green bag

Café sketching is still a hit, especially when having to do short and simple stuff. Here's a quick sketch of M's dog from the other night to finish off the entry:

All done in my little pocket sketchbook.

Monday, 16 August 2010


Too tired to say anything meaningful, but here is a sketch and a couple of snapshots from today.

baresso sketchbreak


banegårdspladsen sketchbreak

10 minutes on the sidewalk with a cup of coffee and my pocket sketchbook. 3 people stopped by to have a look and a comment.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Warming up


I've been experimenting in the small accordion sketchbook I brought back from Rome, trying to find my footing and loosen up a bit, and to get ready for the large exchange book I have lined up - read more about the project on the exchange blog Moleskine Tennis.

playing around
view large

I'm not concerned with media or subject yet, just trying to get a handle on the format, so am putting in the sort of random observational drawings that normally fill my sketchbook journals.

Saturday, 7 August 2010


Some images from an extended weekend to the sandstone and marble oven also known as Rome.

lørdag aften i rom

mercati traianeispringvand på piazza navona

bar brasile

bar brasile

gelati bibite panini


castel sant' angelo ved tiberen

santa maria degli angeli


piazza navonaafternoon drinks

lørdag aften


Most of the photos have captions on Flickr - just click through the images to read.