Monday, 3 January 2011


I'm thinking about starting to use at least some of my sketchbooks in a different way - including notes, ideas, journaling, unfinished pages, etc. The problem with text on pages is that blocking it out often ruins the page, yet I might not want to post my ramblings online for all the world to see and read.

after work

Perhaps I will stop posting scans of every page, so that I may have a more private space to do my thinking with a pen, although I kind of liked that dogma for my sketchbooks - scan and post everything, not just the good stuff.

Pencil, colour pencils, and ink pen in large sketchbook journal. Pit stop at the cafe after work - cappuccino and a sketch.


  1. I remove text using the magic eraser on Photoshop elements so nobody even knows it was there.

  2. Det synes jeg du sku' gøre... og hvor ville jeg ønske, at jeg kunne gøre det samme, altså tegne og male så dejligt som du :o)

  3. The discipline of scanning every page is conceptually good, but can land up being a prison, quite inhibiting. On the other hand, the magic eraser is, as Carolyn suggests, a very useful tool. But personally, I go for just omitting the pages that are too personal!

  4. @Carolyn - I tend to overwrite parts of the drawing and make the text part of the composition, so that makes it diffcult to erase, but I will have to experiment.

    @Kate - tak skal du have :)

    @Ruth - I generally scan every page as soon as it is done/I am home. But yes, I does sometimes influence me while drawing, since I feel every page must "work". And then again with the text and not sharing the personal stuff - that means I can't write on the good drawings, or can't share them if I do. Choices, choices... ;)