Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Brush pens in colour

I decided to fill a couple of the Tria brush markers with Ecoline liquid watercolour inks.

filling brush pens

I don't know how other people go about filling the reservoir of their brush pens. I use this very ad hoc method - a small glass of rice to prop up the reservoir, and a straw to transfer the liquid. I suck the liquid into the straw, cover the top with my finger to keep the ink inside, then transfer the straw to the reservoir and let the liquid out.

filling brush pens

Do you use brush pens? What method do you use to fill them up?

tria brush marker

Pressing the sides of the pen a few times and wiping the tip with an absorbent tissue gets the ink flowing. I think I need a couple more of these pens - a yellow would be nice and maybe Burnt Umber or Sepia.


  1. Ea - lovely drawing - I have bought a little plastic pump - very cheap and easy, for putting ink or watercolour in those aquaflo pens - perhaps easier than straw and rice, though your method is ingenious. However... absolutely weirdly, I used some old brown ecoline yesterday and wondered, literally just yesterday, if Ecoline still exists - looked it up and couldn't find it - it has a very special quality - so amazed to see you mentioning it, and obviously it is still out there! :)

  2. The Ecoline watercolour inks are produced by Talens - they're freely available here in Denmark, costing about 4 Euro for a 30 ml bottle.
    A plastic pump! Where did you find such a thing? I had others suggesting eyedroppers or syringes on Flickr, and R gave me a large syringe (sans needle) to try out next time when he got home today.

  3. I had a syringe which came with the kids medicine also. And plastic pump I would find in a pharmacy - there are many medicines that are administered that way :)