Sunday, 31 July 2011


A short intermission in the symposium posts - I finally got to meet little Addis, whom I've been knitting and crocheting stuff for all spring (if you follow me on Flickr this will have been apparent to you). She's all of 10 weeks, and despite her spending less than 24 hours in our home I managed to do several sketches of her.

a visit from addis

double nap

And a quick one while her mother packed the car:
bye bye addis

I'm experimenting with a mixture of watercolour paint and watercolour pencils, inspired by watching Marina Grechanik draw during the symposium. The pencils let me get in the line, which I can't manage in paint using waterbrushes (just too wet) and really miss otherwise. I'm hoping this will help me stick with the colour for a while longer this time around - I keep picking it up and then quickly despairing, so we'll see where this combination takes me.

More symposium photos and sketches are already up in my Flickr stream.


  1. Ea!
    It was very nice to meet you in Lisbon.
    I hope to see you soon!

  2. Thank you, Ruth - I am really enjoying experimenting with the watercolour and watercolour pencils together.

  3. Mario, my friend! :)
    Very nice to meet you too. I didn't realise until afterwards that Ketta must be your wife (not paying very close attention to last names...), and she is one of the people I missed meeting properly - I only just said hello to her very quickly while speaking to some other people. I did manage to buy one of her narrow sketchbooks, so I will share the sketches I do in that on her FB page for Laloran books.
    Yes, hope to meet again - you are both welcome to couch surf here at our home if you travel in these parts, and we definitely want to go back for more visits to Portugal in the future.

  4. Ea! :)

    I look forward to see these drawings in the tall sketchbook.
    Thanks for the couch surfing. A trip to Denmark would be a beautiful thing to do. We will think about it...
    We have a big house right next to Sintra. You are also welcome here.