Friday, 29 July 2011

Lisbon before the symposium

The only sightseeing I did during my stay was to take tram no. 28 with R and Nina. It road like a slow-motion roller coaster up and down the narrow cobbled alleys and took us through the picturesque and somewhat dilapidated areas around the Castelo.

lisboa tram

lisboa - alfama decay


tram 28

lisboa pastelaria

I met a lot of people throughout the day and hardly did any sketching until the evening meal, which featured Liz, Lynne and John, Orling, Paul, Antje and Marina:

symposium suppers

symposium suppers

symposium suppers

symposium suppers

I missed Liz in this series as I'd already been sketching her earlier. And here she is again with an oversized nose in my journal page of mixed sketches:

lisbon symposium

So many people already, and the next night was the correspondents' dinner with too many assembled in one place to make it possible to meet everyone. Pictures from that, and of various artists' sketchbooks, coming tomorrow.

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  1. Great job documenting all this, Ea - and the drawings are so fresh - great resemblances too! I think you were much more sociable than I was!