Thursday, 28 July 2011

Tuesday in Lisbon

On Tuesday (last week) we bumped into Isabel Fiadeiro over coffee, and I went back to the Academia des Belas Artes and signed in early. We had lunch in the canteen with Mario Linhares and some of the hardworking volunteers - they did a fantastic job organising the symposium, getting everything ready on time and running smoothly throughout.


In the evening we again bumped into Isabel, this time over dinner with a whole bunch of instructors and Liz Steele, who just happened to sit down at our table where we were wrapping up our day over some really good local food. I decided to use my extra large cahier for sketching people I had dinner with while there, and filled the first few pages with these unexpected companions.

symposium suppers

symposium suppers

symposium suppers

symposium suppers

I also got to sketch the world famous Borromini Bear and made a note of his hat size - the little fellow definitely needs a hat to wear on his treks around the globe with super sketcher Liz, who has perfected the art of eating and sketching simultaneously.

Two days before the symposium started, and I was already feeling slightly overwhelmed by all the new people!

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  1. Lovely sketches, Ea - an added bonus recognising the people, and Boromini!