Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Watercolour sketching in town

Went sketching in town yesterday, wanting to have a go at watercolours. I brought along my little palette and waterbrushes, and got a watercolour sketchbook at the store.

sketching at skt. knuds torv

The brushes are very wet, and I am still pretty inexperienced with watercolour, so the results are uneven. I also can't really see what works and what doesn't right now - I need a bit of distance and some more experiments to get a feel for things.

sketching vor fruesketching at skt. knuds torv

vor frue

I like the drawing part of this - the many angles and planes, and the patterns in the window.

skt. knuds torv

This one is a simple ink pen sketch with watercolour wash. You can see how I struggled with the overly wet brushpen washing out the colours.

sketching view towards harboursketching view towards harbour

I finished up down by Bispetorv with this sketch looking past the cathedral and old town houses towards the harbour - the bright blue crane caught my eye.

blue crane
This one is all watercolour and I think the one with most problems. By this time the sky was completely overcast and the light very diffuse, almost completely eliminating shadows. In the end I just ran out of time and had to go catch my bus home.


  1. sikke da en dejlig tur i byen. Hvor er den sidste tegnet fra? Kan ikke lige genkende det

  2. @ hierbinichdasprinzesschen - thank you. I don't really feel comfortable working with watercolour yet and have very little control.

    @ Maia - det er fra Bispetorv ned mod Skolegyde og havnen (hvilket sådan set også fremgår af teksten ;-P )

  3. Dont be so hard on yourself. They are great! And really very good for a first try in watercolour! Keep up the good work!

  4. @ Svala - not my first try as such, just first go again after a long time, and I've never really become familiar and confident with the medium. Maybe this time around I will stick with it for a bit longer, and things might start to happen... ;)

  5. Oddly enough, I find the last one to be the most appealing. I think you're doing great. So glad I stumbled upon this blog :D

    1. Hello Darrell, welcome to my blog. I dedicated this summer to watercolour experiments, so a lot has happened since this entry - combining watercolour with watercolour pencils was the key for me when doing quick sketches.