Saturday, 27 August 2011

Aarhus sketchcrawl

I had an Aarhus sketchcrawl today - as it turned out, all on my lonesome. I've been trying for a long time now to make up a group, but there is only ever me and my sketching buddy Anette. This time around I even tried hanging up flyers around town - outside art schools and in art material stores - but no luck.

I started out at 13:00 by the fountain Agnethe og Havmanden, waiting to see whether anyone would show up.
aarhus festuge

No luck, so I moved up to the little park behind Town Hall where a band was playing live.
aarhus festuge

Lots of little tents with bands playing dotted about the park on both sides of the road. I had a bit of trouble with rain spatters interrupting my sketching, but got a few pages filled anyway.
aarhus festuge

Afterwards I walked down to Klostertorv where they made a beach in the square - cobblestones all covered by a thick layer of sand, and lots of cosy little huts to give a bit of shelter. I picked one and sketched across a few more pages.
aarhus festuge

Then I moved on up to Lille Torv and Immervad, and sketched from various locations, ending up under an overhang to shelter from more drizzle.
aarhus festuge

aarhus festuge

I finished up down by Bispetorv, where I realised I was both tired and hungry and decided to catch a bus back home.
aarhus festuge

Quite a productive day. I'll go back during the week to fill the rest of the accordion sketchbook with more drawings from the festival, and work on figuring out how to draw crowds!

0.4 mm ink pen and grey brush marker in pocket accordion moleskine.

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  1. Anonymous28/8/11 20:19

    Hej Ea
    Ærgerligt med den manglende opbakning til din sketchcrawl, men det er nogle fine sketches du
    har lavet.
    En skam at jeg bor så langt væk - Odense - ellers
    kunne det have været spændende at deltage.
    Hilsen Jane