Thursday, 11 August 2011


Well, I fell into a crochet hole after that baby-visit.

watercolour sketchbook

old hanger

And I was also a bit overwhelmed by all the Lisbon photos on my harddrive - just looking through all of them has taken forever, and although there are lots worth sharing, I really don't want to flood my Flickr stream with pages and pages of symposium photos. I'll look into creating an online album somewhere else, and then link to that.

I really enjoyed meeting so many sketchers in Lisbon, and also finally meeting in person people I have been following and interacting with online over the past 3 years or so. Being me, I needed a bit of time off in between all the activities - just being with that many people for days on end was quite overwhelming - and I spent part of each day doing something on my own or just resting. Although most of the workshops were really good and well organised I was really more interested in seeing people work (and teach), and if I get a second chance at a symposium I will probably prioritise the lectures over taking part in workshops - I missed at least half of them this time around.

Seeing Marina Grechanik sketch in watercolours was a bit of a revelation, and I realised the watercolour pencil was a great way to get that line back in. Line is where I feel at home, whereas colour makes me uncertain so paints are quite intimidating on their own! Ink pen with watercolour wash tends to become more of a colouring book technique with me - just filling in the shapes after the drawing is done - and then I'd rather just draw in pens alone, but working with watercolour and watercolour pencils at once is very interesting. The pencil can be used on both wet and dry surface, with different characteristics, and reworked with wet washes on top. I'm still just in the beginning stages of experimenting, and having lots of fun with it. You can see my sketches of a friend and her baby in the preceding entry, and here are some sketchbook journal entries in my little watercolour Moleskine - I will be posting more over the next few days as I already have quite a few to share.

s for super model

champions league

in the dark

Meeting other artists and working with them is very inspiring.


  1. Dear Ea,
    I'm so happy that my drawings inspired you to try out some new approach! For me it's perfect way to combine shape and line, when them complete each other without falling as you said into coloring book technique.
    I think it fits you very well also and this is wonderful sketches! Go deeper and deeper!
    Now, after I met you in person, I can feel better your sketches, imagine you drawing them, which is so fun!

  2. Nice loose sketches, Ea - I too was fascinated by Marina's ease with the mixture of watercolour and watercolour pencil - have always felt happy with using blotches of paint separate from lines, but this gives a kind of intermediary and linking area of overlap.

    I think there was some very worth while stuff at the lectures - I went to all of them and with the exception of one very poor one, think there was really a lot on offer there - I was also interested in different instructor's approach as it manifested itself in the workshops - and how the instructors worked together.

    Knowing Lisbon vey well, it was wonderful to see the city (re) emerge through the eyes and hands of so many new people.

  3. Anonymous12/8/11 22:09

    Hej Ea,
    Du laver nogle dejlige udtryksfulde skitser!
    Du har inspireret mig til at lave flere skitser af bylivet. Det må have været meget inspirerende i Lissabon. Selv er jeg lige kommet hjem fra en uges maleferie i Provence, det kan man leve længe på.
    Hilsen fra Jane Kristiansen.

  4. Hi Marina,
    I am keeping on the watercolour + pencils. My watercolour sketchbook is almost full already! and I have bought a larger one to continue in next - hope to be able to manage more complicated compositions/images soon.
    Yes, so much fun to have the images and voices of people in one's head when seeing posts online now - I'm really pleased to have met you in Lisbon :)

  5. Ruth, I really regret missing several lectures, and only getting to see a few instructors in actions - I would definitely prioritise this if there is a next time for me.
    I hope we manage to do a survey on the symposium experience among the participants - I think it's important to get feedback so we can improve the content and organisation as we go along. That said, I was really impressed with how smoothly everything ran considering the large number of people involved!
    I fear I have a very warped impression of the city after having only been there as a part of this huge sketch-fest! Must go back for second impressions, preferably at a slightly cooler time of year :)

  6. Hej Jane,
    Tak skal du ha'. Det glæder mig at du er blevet inspireret - er der et sted hvor jeg kan se det du laver online?
    Hvis du bor i (nærheden af) Aarhus er du meget velkommen til at deltage i vores tegne-lørdage, den sidste lørdag i måneden. Vi starter op her i slutningen af august, og jeg lægger et mødested ud på facebook her:
    Hilsen Ea