Saturday, 20 August 2011


I am falling behind on blogging (and answering emails, and returning calls, and...), and rather than trying to catch up right now, let me just share yesterday's sketchbreak at the new cafe right by my stop in town.

Here is my table - I snagged an armchair and had a cup of roiboos
sketching at dyrby's

The interior is quite nice, and brighter than I expected since the cafe itself is partly below street level. Here's a look towards the street windows
dyrby's cafe

I will no doubt be sketching this cafe repeatedly as it gets colder and wetter - it's the perfect place to wait for the next bus. Next time I'll pick a different seat and draw a view of the interior.


Watercolour and watercolour pencils in medium sized moleskine sketchbook - I just bought a large one to experiment in when this one is full. Only two pages left.


  1. Hej - vil bare lige tilkendegive, at jeg holder meget af din streg.
    Mange hilsner Kate, Kalvehave

  2. Hej Kate, tak skal du ha'. Hilsen Ea

  3. I love your sketches and photos! you have such a great blog, xo ;-)


  4. Thanks for your comment, Georgia.