Sunday, 23 October 2011

Ferry sketching

Weekend trip to Copenhagen. I used the oportunity to sketch on the ferry during our crossing from Aarhus to Sjællands-Odde.

sketching on the ferry

ferry sketching

I had time enough to sketch in pencil and ink, and clean up my page a bit. Watercolour was added later from memory, aided by a rather blurry and under-exposed camerphone snapshot.

ferry lunchers

Do you take notes on colour or use a snapshot for reference when adding colour later? I do either, depending on the scene and how much time I have available.


  1. Lovely drawing, Ea - with beautiful watercolour. Hope you enjoyed Copenhagen - did you go to visit Maia?

  2. Thanks, Ruth - I enjoyed doing this and am getting better at slapping on some colour. We saw Maia, fixed up her kitchen with a working oven and cooker, and spent time with friends - I got to see my would-be-niece, Addis :)

  3. Oh, lovely - she must be bigger (Addis, that is!). Nice parents, fixing up kitchen! lovely new drawing too.