Saturday, 5 November 2011

Blogging on the iPad

So, I got an iPad this week, and we are getting acquainted. I asked people on Flickr to rec me apps, and I now have Brushes and Sketchbook Pro to play with.

I need to get a pen to give me better control, and to spare my wrist and elbow when drawing, but I can already see this will be a fun way to use the iPad, and I might actually get to do a bit of digital sketching on the go.

Today I managed to figure out how to make blogging work, after a frustrating struggle with blogging in the Safari browser which only led to several disappearing posts. Most annoying! But the Blogsy app is saving my day, and ensuring easy blogging from Clermont Ferrand in the near future. I will be exhibiting at this year's travel festival.

If you are an iPad user, please share your favourite apps and tips in the comments.


  1. Fab Ea... I'm longing for one - got a Wacom and half regretting it as you can't use it on the go....! Well done!

  2. questions - are the drawing apps easy to use?
    I find Corel Painter Essentials on the Wacom not always intuitive... specially how the brushes work...

  3. I hear you on the Wacom versus iPad - I do have a drawing tablet, but never use it. I will have to experiment more to figure out what works for me when drawing on this, I only got it on Wednesday. So far I conclude that a pen is necessary for me if I want to use it for sketching. Typing works fine, but drawing with my finger is both frustratingly inaccurate and hard on my joints. I'll get a pen on Monday and do some more trials with that. I do think having to regulate brush size, colour, opacity, layers, etc. takes a lot of the immediacy out of sketching, but part of that is no doubt just lack of familiarity with the tool.
    Sketching apps apart, I am already very happy with how reading blogs, checking the horrid FB, etc. can be done on this - I got an app that lets me flip through everything like when reading a magazine - perfect! And the silence of the iPad is also a BIG plus for me - even low level electronic or mechanical noise is extremely distracting.

  4. Ea - one of the things I liked about the drawing tablet is precisely the pen - but as you say, fiddling around choosing the brush size, the tool, the background, and then making mistakes in the choice, so what looks like it will be faster is actually endlessly slow - in fact used the tablet this afternoon and then just gave up! I'm fairly familiar with Photoshop and find that I can get round the tools that I know quickly, so perhaps it really is just a question of getting used to the app. Did you get 16 GB or 32? The idea of reading like a magazine is fantastic! I love my Kindle for books - the fact that it is not backlit makes it very much like reading a book, only you can travel with hundreds and it weights nothing!

  5. Congrats, Ea - it´s a fun little thingy, isn´t it? I hate drawing with the fingers on it, though, I got myself a pen rather quickly. But it still doesn´t beat paper and a decent pen, if you ask me. :)

  6. I want a stylus for my iPad - am interested in other artist's recommendations of a good one.
    I love Sketchbook Pro and also sometimes use Auryn Imk which imitates watercolors.
    I LOVE Flipboard for reading the many art gloats I follow.

  7. "Art gloats?"
    uh... I obviously meant art blogs!

    And it's Auryn INK, not imk

  8. @Ruth - I got the 32 GB, double capacity at not that much higher price. So far I'm just using the drawing apps the way I'd use a regular sketchbook - no layering as it's simply too fiddly.

    @Nina - Yes, fun! Which pen do you use on yours? And will you bring it to C-F so I can see you in action and we can exchange tips? :)

    @John Fleck - I got the Targus stylus, but I don't know how it compares to other pens. It has a small rubber bubble (air-filled) to simulate a fingertip, and is nowhere near as precise to work with as the pen you'd use on a regular drawing tablet (like e.g. Wacom). I've got the Sketchbook Pro and the Brushes apps so far - Auryn Ink looks really interesting, thanks for the tip! And yes, Flipboard is superb for reading rss feeds, checking FB, etc.
    Also - "art gloats"? sounds just right ;)

  9. Based on my research, yesterday I ordered the Just Mobile Alupen. We shall see...