Sunday, 20 November 2011

Day three at the festival

Lots of visitors again today, and we are all getting quite tired from impression overload. I gave a workshop in the morning for 15 people - lots of good drawings, insights and inspirations shared in the group. Sadly I have no photos from the event but lots of positive feedback.

I've been letting people leaf through my sketchbooks when I was at the stand and everyone was very careful with the books. It was fun to see which pages they left open after browsing.

I also got a lot of contributions to my map. Many people told me stories of their visits in Denmark, some from as far back as the 1950's. I'm taking the notes back home where I have time to see what people wrote, and maybe I can base a project on them.

So, goodbye to the festival du carnet de voyage for this year - perhaps I will come back again another time.

I'll be posting scans of sketches and more photos from the event once I'm back home with access to a scanner and the images in my camera.


  1. Omar, it was quite amazing - I think this event would be perfect for you, you should definitely submit something next year :)