Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Goodbye to the travel book festival

The travel book festival at Clermont-Ferrand has been a great experience, only improved by the other Urban Sketchers correspondents taking part. Interacting with the audience, giving a workshop on location sketching, and even the less than smooth round table debate and interviews in French with radio France Bleu and a guy from the local station, all were rewarding experiences. The whole event was very intense with an overwhelming attendance, many visitors coming by each day, revisiting our stands and asking questions about materials, techniques, subjects and sketching practises. Here are some photos from my stand during the festival that were taken by Reza:

As you can see there was lots going on all the time. There were a lot of stands, with both authors and artists, and the exhibition covered two floors of the Polydrome. The images I posted during the festival were photos taken with my iPad when I could get a little break, i.e. During the few minutes where my stand wasn't swamped by spectators. These photos were taken by Reza during the festival and give a better impression of the event:
I'll be posting some of the sketches I managed to do during the trip Over the coming days - mostly dinner sketches of my fellow Urban Sketchers members and a few done at the stand.

I would definitely do this again, especially with a group of Urban Sketchers to hang out with, and perhaps a slight brush up of my French beforehand! And next time I will know that bringing a book for people to buy is pretty much required in the eyes of the audience. So - au revoir, and until next time you can follow my sketching adventures here.


  1. Nice to see all these photos, Ea - as usual I realize I take too few photos when I´m out and about... Det var härligt att träffa er igen! :)

  2. Hej Nina, ja i lige måde :)
    Reza tog de fleste billeder - det var svært at finde tid på festivalen, vi havde jo travlt hver dag! Men det var sjovt og spændende. Jeg er stadig i fuld gang med at fordøje oplevelserne.